Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Dawning of the Age of Technology

          Oh, don`t  get me wrong, this is a very personal story. It is how I changed from a second-hand user of technology to …… technology-friendly user! I have never heard anyone actually saying `second-hand`  user of technology ,but that`s exactly who I was. You see, I did use technology, but only if somebody else set up everything for me. So I had a facebook account because my daughter opened it for me. I used Skype only when she was around. My sister downloaded from youtube for me. I used Twitter but only for direct messages to my friend Natasa, who opened my account. It gets even more sophisticated! I made a few PPTs! Actually I did the typing, my daughter did everything else, including saving. …… So you see, there was always a pair of first hands to help. Mine were the second! Very kind of them, but I could have asked them to explain, to teach me how to do it. Maybe I did, and maybe they did explain. And then maybe I did something once and then I definitely forgot everything! I`ve told you I am forgetful in my first blog, remember?
          I must say I`ve come a long way from the decision to change that and to join BaW. It seems so long ago that I can hardly remember the beginning. Is it possible it was only five weeks ago? Time flies, doesn`t it? And yet, I can still feel the occasionally bitter taste of the first week! I stiill see my giant photo serenely smiling from the deleted BaW wiki page! I can still remember wandering around Tapped In Building like a ghost invisible to everybody and everything. I, in a nutshell, felt like Alice in Wonderland, I even wrote about Alice and me! (take a look at two blogs down)  And I also wrote the letter to the mods, trying to explain, justify, confess, come clean, like I was keeping a bad secret that needed to be said aloud. I still keep the letter just to remind me! 
Dear friends in need, dear moderators! I just feel a need to write about the first week here. So, how was it for me? Well, it was exciting, frustrating, amusing, time-consuming, enlightening, painstaking, groundbreaking, rewarding! I felt great, satisfied and happy when I didn’t feel lost or confused! To sum up, it was beautiful!!! Now I have a confession to make. (No, I`m not an alcoholic :) ) I don`t think I am passionate about technology :( !I wish I was! I really wish! I think it is useful, I think it is necessary and I am keen on it. But I don't feel on the safe side with it. I hesitate to use it. I am afraid of making mistakes! I know it is wrong, (I keep encouraging my students to do so. NB I teach adults in a language school). So, why did I join the courses? (Alas, I'm also on the Digitools, too!) Because I want my computer to be my friend, not my misery. Because I need some driving force to make me sit and learn about technology. Because I need a friendly push, advice, encouragement. And that is what I've realised I have here with you. Thanks a million for that! Thanks to organizers, moderators, peers for sharing and caring. You are doing a great job! And I'll keep clicking :) ! Lots of love to you all!
 After saying that, I felt much better, I felt free from my guilty conscience! Free to go on!  How great and supportive you mods and webmates were then! And that was the point of no return! I crossed the Rubicon, it was time to conquer Rome!
          Yes, it is true that all the roads lead to Rome, just some are more direct than others. Of course I chose the most indirect roads, I chose a lot of bypasses and detours, not to mention blind alleys. Especially at the beginning! It changed in the weeks to follow, and I`m extremely satisfied with what I`ve learned. And I`ve learned here absolutely everything I know. I still don`t use highways, too much speed for me. I`m probably still on country roads, but I don`t mind. I know this is just the beginning of an exciting journey to the age of technology. 


  1. Beutiful, simple, bravo, clap, clap Sneza. I simplyadore this post will bookmarked it save it. It's so honest, love how you share your fears and hopes with technology! Bravo, bravo! Congratulations on your first BaW and it will just get more easier from now, as I see that spark in your eyes, I see entusiasm and motivation, well done! go, go Sneza

    1. Dear Marijana, your students are so lucky to have you! You are so positive and motivating! I am over the moon because of your encouraging words! I will treasure them! Lots of love from Sneza

  2. Sneza, I love your style! You write the type of posts that make me return to a blog to read more!

    Lots of hugs, Fernanda

  3. Dear Fernanda, thank you so much for your comment! I still have a lot of ideas as BaW has been so inspiring (and challenging :)! Lots of love from Sneza

  4. Hi Sneza, I have just had a chance to catch up with your blog after BAW2012. It is really well laid out and you write well. I love your previous post with the video. It is amazing! (Note - must try it out myself sometime) Are you using any of your new found skills with your learners yet, if so what reaction have you been getting from them. (You could also ask them to help you with your technology - a real information gap!)

    All the best


  5. Hi, Bob!
    Thanks for your comment! Showbeyond is not as complicated as I made it complicated that first time, so it is definitely worth trying. I'm sure you'll like it. Yes, I have started a wiki together with my students, and most of them are delighted with the idea. (It's not obligatory, up to them) You are right again, they are full of ideas and willing to share :)!
    Best regards, Sneza