Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alice in Wonderland ...and me

                   (Disney)                                                 (Code Lyoko - edited in piZap)

`Alice in Wonderland
How do you get to Wonderland?
Over the hill or underland?
Or just behind a tree?`

          I have been humming this little song for more than three weeks. Why? Oh, because I like Alice in Wonderland and I like the song and most importantly I feel like  Alice now. You can guess why, can`t you? Yes, down the hole I went and into a strange land for me, where nothing is impossible just some things are impassable if you don`t know how to pass them (I paraphrased the Doorknob a bit here). 
          So why do I feel like Alice? Oh, believe me there are many reasons. Just as for Alice everything was curiouser and curiouser in Wonderland, equally curious is everything for me in this Cyberland. When I first met Alice and her Wonderland many years ago, I was most impressed by those magical portions EAT ME and DRINK ME that changed her size so dramatically. And she didn`t even know what would happen to her, still she ate and drank the stuff politely. When I started my journey here, I was truly  puzzled by so many signs saying PRESS ME, LOG IN, SIGN IN, SIGN OUT, JOIN IN, POST….  I didn`t know what would happen to me if I did what they asked me to do, but I clicked the buttons anyway.
          Even more strangely, the buttons were not satisfied when I pressed them once, they kept calling me to do it again. So I signed up for Yahoo Groups, and Pbworks and Edmodo from Digitools, very likely three or more times! I knew it  because I was getting the messages You are already signed. So I was never  sure if I did everything I should have done or didn`t do what I shouldn`t have done or whatever!
          I knew I had gone too far when  a message came `Someone has requested access to`. Oh dear, what did I do? I mean, I didn`t want any access to anywhere, I wanted to do what I should, not what I shouldn`t. And the message politely explained  that access is not given to reference pages in the wiki, only to pages where the participants will collaborate  when they are ready to write intro. Well,  I had maybe seen a wiki page once or twice before that, so I didn`t know what reference pages were or how to collaborate in one. I knew I wasn`t ready to do anything! And that moment I knew I had drank a portion that shrank me to the size of  the White Rabbit. And I also knew I had to find a way to undo the undersized me!
          As Lewis Carroll said: `If you don`t know where you are going, any road will take you there!`. I didn`t know where I was going but I wanted to get there quickly! So I decided to collect any courage left and to INSERT my photo and intro in the participants page.  I kept reading the instructions remembering the Doorknob`s wise words: Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction!  And indeed I was directed and managed to do it and was instantly restored to my original size! 
          Just I wasn`t quite happy  with the size of the photo, it wasn`t quite right. Since one good turn deserves another, I ventured into something that turned out to be my major disaster….but that deserves a post of its own. J

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  1. I love the name of your blog as it conveys in a poetic way the idea of the journey into the digital world.You've done a great job with this one and also with the wiki.You are surely an inspiration for people like me who would like to experiment and benefit from the infinite possibilities that technology has to offer.